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I’m from New York City and started acting when I was a little kid. I attended LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts while doing some theater, voiceovers and commercials along the way. After getting a B.A. in Theater and Eastern Asian Religions at Middlebury College, and acting a few years in New York City, I’m living in Los Angeles and auditioning…

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    • Yo, dude! Good job on finding the site!!
      All of the various devices (computer, phone, camera) have been broken for the past few weeks, but now everything’s back from the shop. Starting to making more stuff for ya!!

      • Hey Damian, it’s me again. I came up with this idea of a group of 10 space warriors called the Cosmic Troopers traveling to different planets and protect and help those in need against evil throughout the cosmos. What do you think?

  1. Thanks dude! Also do you like the Simpsons? If so, who’s your favorite? Bart has been a childhood favorite of mine. When I got older I started to develop a cartoon crush on Lisa cus she’s smart and cute.?

    • Dude, no joke, some of THE ONLY tv on in our house is The Simpsons. When we were in college waaaay before streaming tv, a classmate at our college collected them all (up until that point) and shared him on his server and we binge watched them before binging was a thing!! ??
      It’s a tough call to say who’s my favorite, I love them all! Professor Frink, Troy McLaure, and Milhouse are the folk who make me laugh most often, but Patty & Selma, and Mrs. Krabappel, get a lot of love, too!
      Lisa’s good!! One of the things that make The Simpsons great is that not one character is unflawed and I get a kick out of watching the “good” characters do “bad” things. Like, Lisa is mostly good, but she has jealous streaks or bouts with insecurity that make her a fabulous character to watch!

  2. You know Damian, I love talking to you. You really get me. If we ever meet each other face to face, can we keep this chat to ourselves and be friends?

    • It’s great to have you in the mix, man! People a whole world away from each other can instantly “get” each other a feel like someone they’ve been around all their lives!! ????
      I hope we coule be friends if we ever met! ??
      Otherwise, it’d be like that episode of South Park when everyone lost the internet, and Shelly Marsh was longing to chat with her online guy, Amir, and as soon as they met in person, they couldn’t actually talk to each other and ran back to their computers to chat! ??

      • That’s funny!? Like I said before, once I get my own cartoon series in the future, I could probably get you Damian, Keith David, Dorian Harewood, and a couple of other talented actors/actress to do the voices of one of my charcters.

  3. You are amazing in all of your work. I can’t wait to see you casting in some big roles!

  4. Hi Damian,

    My name is Kathleen Engel and I am an editor at Health Monitor Network in Montvale, NJ. My company publishes guides on various health conditions that are distributed free to patients through doctors’ offices.

    Right now I am working on the next issue of our MS guide and would love to include your tips for managing MS for our readers. If you might be interested, I’d be happy to send you a PDF of the guide so you can see what it looks like before deciding whether you’d like to participate.

    Thanks so much for your consideration.

    Kathleen Engel
    Senior Editor, Health Monitor Network

  5. Hi! I really enjoy your vlog! I’m a member of MS Gym and I caught your shout-out to Trevor. Your followers and the MS Gym members are so blessed to have such wonderful support from the two platforms is such a blessing!

    Thanks for what you do!

    • Thank you for dropping me a line, Paula! Yea, Coach Trevor and his Instagram are so so dope. He really get folks moving even when it’s tough. I’m glad the vlog is good for you!! Hope to keep making more interesting videos.

  6. Hi Damian! It’s Zachary again. I have great news I want to share with you. I finally graduated from high school last month!

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